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Spider Hill


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Spider Hill is now in its 21st year of operation with loads of changes for 2019!  Open every Friday and Saturday night in October, gates open at 6 p.m. for ticket sales and the scares start at 7 p.m.  Tickets are sold until 11 p.m.  Tickets are $10 each for Haunted House, Trail of Terror, and Paintball Zombie Invasion or all three for $25.  Rage Room tickets are $10 each and begins at 6pm.  Fast Pass tickets available to by-pass those long lines. Discounts also available for groups. Check our pricing page for more information.
Rage Room
(new in 2019)

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Pick your weapon and enter the RAGE ROOM to work out all your anger, aggression, and frustration.
We will provide things for you to obliterate and smash-up or bring your own items such as pictures of your EX,
your report card, etc...

After spending time in the RAGE room, you will discover yourself as a new,
happier person which we will promptly scare out of you in our other three attractions

Massacre Mansion

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"Within the confines of the Massacre Mansion you will experience dread such as you have never known. Around every corner lurk evil creatures whose only wish is to make you part of the scenery for the next group to enjoy..."
The layout and encompasses over 8000 square feet of frightful occurrences.  The Mansion has recently been redesigned to take you to the next level of horror and is assured to frighten all!!

The Trail of Terror

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 "Even the bravest of souls tremble when walking along the Trail of Terror.  This path ambles along through a haunted forest filled with ghosts and ghouls so frighteningly twisted that even seemingly innocent images such as a circus can be made to send shivers down your back..."
The Trail of Terror has been completely revamped and is a long and winding walk through the eerily black timbers of Three Sisters Park.  Guide ropes that mark the trail keep you on the twisting path and the terrifying scenes include the all-time favorite haunted circus of terror and the cemetery from beyond.

The Zombie Adventure

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In this adrenalin charge adventure, you are the Zombie Hunter from your perch atop our paintball war wagons. We need you to help hold off the Zombie Invasion. You need to show your skills and aim by killing the Zombies before they overthrow your position.
On this adventure, you are perched behind a paintball gun mount on the war wagon. As it travels through the woods, you shoot the attacking Zombies, monsters and spooky targets with the "tracer" paintballs. Hopefully, your aim will save Spider Hill from the Zombie Invasion.

Face Painting
The ever-popular face painting will be available for a nominal charge! Get a cute character or design painted on or have your whole face painted! Washes off easily!


Weather permitting, a Bonfire burns nightly to enjoy the warmth and ward off the Spooks that lurk about. Free entertainment and frightening displays occur throughout the month around the fire and in the Boo Barn.

Free Entertainment

Every night there will be free entertainment such as drum lines, dancers, fire jugglers, and roaming monsters.
Come often to see all that we have to offer


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